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Trevor Laurency

My name is Trevor Laurency and I am a fully qualified Fitness and Holistic instructor with over 30 years’ experience. I initially studied at The Iyengar Institute in San Francisco, obtaining my Master Yoga Diploma, going on to Polestar Education in 2002 to obtain a diploma to teach Yogalates.

I developed my knowledge further by Studying with the British School of Yoga where I qualified in 2003 and went on to qualify as a Professional relaxation therapist in 2005. In February 2006 I joined the Independent Yoga Network as a Registered Yoga Teacher ( and in 2008 I went on to become as member of Register of Exercise Professionals as a Grade 3 Yoga Teacher. 

I initially started my career as a professional dancer and still have a passion for all types of dance so I teach several dance classes, including the all popular Zumba. I have found that both Yoga and Yogalates have greatly assisted my flexibility, improved my core strength and increased my energy levels, thus enabling me to continue my passion for dance.



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Welcome to my collection of yoga videos, where I enthusiastically offer a glimpse into my classes and guide you on a journey of comprehending the essence they embody—harmonsing the mind, body, and soul.

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