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Trevor Laurency

Yoga Instructor

My name is Trevor Laurency and I am a fully qualified Fitness and Holistic instructor with over 30 years’ experience. I previously instructed at the Body Holiday where my passion for yoga began and I continued my studies both in the USA and UK, obtaining Master Diplomas to teach Yoga, Yogalates and Meditation.

Coaching Specialties

  • Focus
  • Mental Clarity
  • Body Relationship
  • Energisation
  • Balanced Life
  • Goal Implementation

Success Stories

"Trevor’s yoga lesson was rejuvenating and well-guided, with a soothing atmosphere, thoughtful modifications, and a sense of peace and balance. Highly recommended."


"The yoga class was tough but enjoyable, pushing my body's limits to increase strength and stamina through stretching. It was a satisfying and empowering experience, leaving me eager for more."


"I attended my first yoga class, and although it was challenging, Trevor helped me find the correct positions. I feel much looser and more flexible. I had a positive experience, and I'm definitely planning to return for more classes."


What Do

I Need?

The only equipment that you need for your Yoga session is a specialist non slip mat as this is essential for safety. Other than that, you just need to come to your class wearing comfortable clothing and I am confident you will never look back.

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